My name is Ants Brimerbergs. I am from Latvia... but does it really matter... What matters most is art, in all forms, shapes, sizes and expression, now this is what I really am - an artist, Your chemical brother, perhaps.
Everything started since the moment I was born. Energytown was my playground with big tools and homemade toys. Then somehow everything was tucked away in labyrinth of my mind, forgotten and covered with dust until the year of 2005 when it all
blew out like a dejected flow from the underworld. My own underworld - The Laboratory 77. Slowly everything started to come back to me, with a little scetch here and there

a small pieces of paper and the visions were getting more colourful - white, blue, white and red. They were starting to emulsify and then I started to feel that I have to do the Work. I put the shit with the veins and this with that, and it was all coming alive, awake!!! So come and take a journey to my humble underworld, be a part and soon you will understand what I am on about...

Yours truly


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